"I received my Liver Transplant on August 11 1999 and have been grateful ever since. It has been a little over 15 years of good health and a good life for me. The doctors found that I had an hereditary condition called carol’s disease, which damages the bile ducts and causes the liver to enlarge and fail. I was able to meet the family who lost their loved one and was able to thank them in person for their difficult and understanding decision to donate their child’s organs. I am still looking forward to many more years of life. The impact donation has had on my life is the knowing how healthy I am now compared to before the transplant bring me great joy of having energy to work and play in my daily life. Just getting back to what we consider normal is a huge goal and I have achieved it. The longevity I have of having a donated organ I hope shows others that donation works, and will make peoples decisions when faced with saying “yes” to donation much easier to make."

Alex Beaudreault