About Life Alaska Donor Services

Life Alaska offers the opportunity of donation to Alaskans. Since inception in 1991, Life Alaska has facilitated the donation process in Alaska, providing thousands of tissues for transplantation to Alaskan patients and throughout the world. We provide tissue distribution to local surgeons, manage the Alaska Donor Registry, and work in partnership with LifeCenter Northwest (the federally designated Organ Procurement Organization, based in Washington state) to educate the community about anatomical donation. Life Alaska also has an extensive Family Services bereavement program that provides ongoing compassionate support to families who have lost a loved one.

Life Alaska is committed to supporting Alaska donor families while striving to meet the transplant needs for all patients. As the need for transplantable tissue and organs continues to increase, we are indebted to the generosity of our Alaskan neighbors.

Life Alaska is accredited by The American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). AATB is a professional, non-profit, scientific and educational organization and the only national tissue banking organization in the United States. AATB, like Life Alaska, has been dedicated to improving and saving lives by promoting and facilitating the safety, quality and availability of donated human tissue. AATB accreditation ensures that Life Alaska's tissue-banking activities are performed in a professional manner in compliance with established standards.