"Our son William passed on July 19th 2014 at 76 days old. Life Alaska called that afternoon and asked if we'd like to donate his organs. We're both registered organ donors, but it never crossed our minds that we'd ever live to see one of our children become one. We agreed and the lady (wish I could remember her name) patiently and very tenderly went through the questions with us. They were able to use his heart valves. There was a reason! Days before Christmas we found out that William lives on through a little girl who received a valve. As a grieving Mother and family this is all that we wanted. He in his short life served a greater good. Thank you for the support. I understand it's a personal choice to donate or not. In our case I feel as if it would have been a double tragedy not to. And I will be forever grateful to the wonderful employees of life Alaska for giving the opportunity to not only make that choice but for the support Y’all have extended to us and our children"

William Robert Etheridge May 4th 2014- July 19th 2014