Life Alaska Donor Services Board of Directors

Karl Sanford, R.N.
Gary Zientek, M.D.
Griffith Steiner, M.D.
Bob Ulbrich, C.P.A.
Kim Colbo
Dominic Hasara, CFSP MBIE
Matt A. Heilala, DPM, FACFAS
Kevin O’Connor
Vicky Phillips, R.N.
Russ Stoneking
Cynthia Toohey
Thomas Wood, M.D. (Emeritus)
Board Chairman – Hospital Representative
Medical Director
Secretary - Ophthalmologist
Attorney - Community Representative
Funeral Director
Foot & Ankle Specialist
OPO Representative
Hospital Representative
Tissue Recipient

Community Representative
Medical Director






George McCann, M.D.
Life Alaska Donor Services' President & CEO

C.E.OGeorge began his career in the field of Tissue Donation over seventeen years ago, initially with the American Red Cross Tissue Services, managing their largest recovery region located in the upper Midwest, followed by ten years as a director with MTF, the nation’s largest non-profit tissue bank, before joining Life Alaska Donor Services as President and CEO in 2013. George’s credentials in the industry as a certified tissue bank specialist, and his experience in tissue banking, both domestically and internationally, have rendered him uniquely qualified to assume theleadership position of Life Alaska.

As the president and CEO of Life Alaska Donor Services, George’s commitment is to provide the opportunity for all Alaskans to donate. This, in turn, ensures that the Alaskan medical community will receive an ample supply of transplantable tissues for those Alaskans in need. The goal of Life Alaska Donor Services is to make sure that tissue, donated by Alaskans, is returned and made available to Alaska’s local hospitals to enhance the health of our Alaskan Community.


David A. McGuire, M.D.


Life Alaska Donor Services, Founder


Dr. David A. McGuire was an innovative physician, community activist, philanthropist, pilot and founder of Life Alaska Donor Services.

Dr. McGuire, in collaboration with three other local orthopedic surgeons, established Life Alaska in 1991 as the first Alaska non-profit tissue recovery organization. Under his leadership, Life Alaska has become a flagship donation organization that allows Alaskans to help Alaskans by making surgical tissues available for local transplantation. With Dr. McGuire’s guidance and Life Alaska’s management, the Alaska Donor Registry was established. The Alaska Donor Registry has gained the distinction of being one of the most successful donor registries in the nation where individuals can register their donation decision (

Dr. McGuire remained on Life Alaska’s Board of Directors, and was an advocate of organ and tissue donation until his passing in 2015.